rasmus gissel | writer, translator and proofreader

Rasmus [...] is very proactive in his search for further input. He never lost sight of the big picture [and] is good at capturing the essentials.
- Iben Glargaard Nielsen
Grundfos Holding A/S

Case: authoring of a service product catalogue in English


Grundfos Holding A/S




In addition to pumps, Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos delivers service products such as repairs, online pump monitoring and energy optimisation. For a number of years, it has been a strategic focus for Grundfos to increase visibility and sales of service products and make them a more integrated part of the company's overall product portfolio. When this process started in 2011, I was given the assignment of writing the text for a complete catalogue of these service products for internal use.

For each service product, I had to write text based on input from Grundfos product specialists covering e.g. the following:

 A description of what the product includes
 Client benefits from investing in the product
 A description of the processes and procedures that may be involved in delivering the product

I also wrote a general introduction as well as section introductions describing Grundfos's five service product portfolios and linking the service product re-launch to the company's general strategic targets. The catalogue contained many illustrations, and one of my tasks while authoring the text was to find images in the Grundfos image bank that suited the various sections of the text.

I worked closely together with the Service & Solutions department at Grundfos and with the graphic designer responsible for the catalogue layout. The catalogue underwent continuous proofreading and many adjustments before the first edition was launched in early 2013.

The client says

Marketing Project Manager Iben Glargaard Nielsen, Grundfos Holding A/S:
"Rasmus has been capable of writing good texts based on simple briefings as he is also very proactive in his search for further input. He has not only worked as a copywriter but also helped to manage the process as many people were involved in the work. In that respect, I think Rasmus never lost sight of the big picture. Rasmus is pleasant to work with, and he is good at capturing the essentials from various inputs."


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