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Rasmus helped us [...] rewriting a long and meaningful text to a short but still meaningful one in a very elegant manner.
- Jakob Lundholm
Danfoss Floor Heating Electrical

Case: authoring and revision of manuals and a technical writing guide in English


Danfoss Floor Heating Electrical (DEVI)


Summer and autumn 2008


Danfoss Floor Heating Electrical (previously DEVI A/S) produce a wide range of products for electrical floor heating indoors as well as ice and snow melting outdoors ... and consequently a great number of manuals. In 2008, I was assigned the task of coming up with a suggestion for:

 Reducing the number of manuals and the complexity of individual manuals
 Making the manuals as language-neutral and accessible as possible
 A technical writing guide for Danfoss's internal staff

In other words, this was a combined technical writing, revision and documentation task. In my solution, I aimed for economising and improving the text by e.g. rewriting long sentences to short and concise ones, using standardised sentences (also in order to save on translation costs) and replacing text with language-neutral illustrations. I also performed thorough linguistic proofing.

Following a test project, I prepared a technical writing guide for Danfoss's internal staff. The guide covered the principles of authoring and editing that I had used myself in my work for Danfoss. Among other things, it included practical authoring tips, a list of standard sentences to be used, good advice on the correct use of thousands separators and similar in English, and a template for use when authoring new manuals.

I worked in close cooperation with the product developers and design managers at Danfoss to ensure that my texts were technically accurate and in compliance with Danfoss's documentation layout guidelines.

The client says

Former Portfolio Director Jakob Lundholm, Danfoss Floor Heating Electrical:
"Rasmus helped us with a task that can be hard for engineers, namely rewriting a long and meaningful text to a short but still meaningful one in a very elegant manner, displaying superior skill at relating to the technical subject matter. We were very positively surprised by the latter because it meant that the review task for our product managers was greatly lessened."


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